Exeter Headache Clinic

We specialise in the treatment of the following headaches using osteopathy, acupuncture or/and with basic exercises:


Migraines  (pain relief and prevention), Tension type headaches (pain relief and prevention) and Cervicogenic type headaches  (treatment)

Most of our patients have previously been diagnosed by their G.P and self manage their symptoms with analgesics and lifestyle choices.

A thorough subjective and objective examination and will be taken prior to commencing treatment in order to have a correct diagnosis. We will always refer you to your G.P if we feel it is necessary for further investigations or a second opinion.

What are headaches?

There are numerous types of headaches all of which involve pain in some part of the head. This can include the face, sinuses, scalp and inside of the head. Pain is triggered by the aggravation of pain sensitive structures.

Headaches can be categorised into two types:

Primary headaches – these exist independent of any other medical condition. Examples include migraine, cluster and tension type headaches.

Secondary headaches – these result from an underlying medical issue. Numerous causes exist and examples include meningitis, brain tumours, infection, head injuries and cervicogenic headaches.

Types of headaches treated