Joint stiffness

Back and knee stiffness is a common complaint, especially as we age.

Most people accept that this is just part of getting older, but old age does not necessarily cause joint stiffness on its own. Stiffness may be due to muscle tightness, worn joints or inflammation due to arthritis.

As we age our joints get older, the cartilage, which acts as a spongy cushion between our joints, begins to dry out and stiffen and we have less synovial fluid to lubricate and line them.

Whilst we sleep, muscles that are weak will have a tendency to tighten, which will cause stiffness when we wake.

Sadly, we cannot reverse the effects of ageing joints, but we can help prevent them from getting much worse.

Stiffness will generally ease off as we warm up the joints and muscles in the morning.  It’s important that we stay as active as possible during the day.

It’s also very important to maintain a healthy weight so there will be less pressure on the joints and less stiffness.

Our osteopaths and physiotherapists can provide tailored daily exercise plans to help alleviate the effect of joint stiffness, as well as help to increase muscle strength and boost flexibility.

If you would like to talk further with one of our osteopaths or physiotherapists they would be happy to give advice.