ski injury prevention

Ski injury prevention

There’ SNoW better time to start getting fit for the slopes – You may already have taken to the slopes this year, or are due to hit them soon or you’ve just scheduled your winter ski break for later in the year.

But before you go, it’s important to remember to lay the foundations for an injury-free holiday.  Skiing just 1 week in 52 is tiring, and ill-prepared skiers are likely to not only a hit a fatigue-wall, but start to develop major problems with pre-existing conditions.

Back and knee issues before you arrive are likely to cause you more problems when you hit the slopes. Deep snow can cause knee ligament issues and pre-existing back problems can increase when the snow is packed hard and icy.

It’s the level of fitness that you arrive with that is key to ensuring your body is able to cope with the increased level of physical activity and the varied snow conditions. Strengthening exercises are crucial to ensure you stay fit and healthy on the slopes and on your return.

Pre-season exercise is the best way to stay fit and injury free, with a combination of strength and endurance training. The ability to improve alignment with neuromuscular control is fundamental to building up strength. Focussing on a series of strengthening exercises that target the major muscle groups: quadriceps, gluteals and hamstrings such as squats and lunges. With squats it’s important to ensure a neutral pelvis and good knee alignment.

When skiing it’s essential to have strong core muscles, these are the muscles that stabilise the spine and pelvis. The core provides the foundation for movement of the extremities and exercises that provide stability,  such as the plank, can aid stabilisation of the spine.

Modify your risk to injury during your annual ski-trip, by taking simple steps during the rest of the year, just 2 or 3 times per week, will enhance performance, experience and prevent exposure to longer-term injuries.

If you would like to speak to one of our team to get advice or treatment for a pre-existing condition or post-ski injury rehabilitation, or to put in place an exercise plan to modify your risk, we’d be happy to help you, so that you can glide on and off the slopes with ease.