Pre- and Post-natal Osteopathy

Pregnancy is a time of rapid changes and can be very challenging for the muscles, joints and organs of the future mother. Women often experience pains and aches and various other symptoms while the baby is growing. Osteopathy can help manage complaints and help prevent more serious conditions like pubic symphysis dysfunction from developing. Furthermore, once the tight muscles are relaxed, the joints can move as free as possible and the pelvis is balanced – delivery is much easier, both for mother and baby.

In the first trimester, there is an initial backward rotation of the pelvis, as the uterus starts to enlarge. The weight of the uterus is falling on the bladder and there is also some tension in the small intestine. The pelvis starts to tilt forward in the second semester. With the uterus growing, the abdominal wall is stretching to allow the expansion.

The abdominal organs, pushed by the uterus, start moving upwards. Once the stomach, liver, small and parts of the large intestine are pushed up against the diaphragm, the digestive and respiratory system are gradually compromised.

Stages of pregnancy of the woman

As the breasts are enlarging, the middle of the back and the neck are pulled forward. In the end of the second trimester, the pressure on the abdominal muscles and stomach is increased even further. As good abdominal tone is crucial for a balanced spinal support, the abdominal laxity creates tension on the lower back.

In the third trimester the curve of the lower back becomes very deep and the diaphragm and organs below it get pushed up towards the rib cage. This in turn compromises the lungs and diaphragm, resulting in shallow breathing and shortness of breath. Tension in the diaphragm and compression of the stomach often leads to indigestion and reflux.

The legs also need to adapt to the changes occurring in the spine, abdomen and pelvis. The hips rotate externally, taking a wider stance and the foot is placed on the outer side when walking.


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