Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain exeterShoulder pain can be very unpleasant wearing you down and having an affect on your daily activities. There are many different causes of shoulder pain, and in some cases pain can come from other places such as the neck.

With our team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, we have a huge amount of experience in treating shoulder pain.

Before any treatment commences a thorough subjective and objective examination is taken  in order to have the correct working diagnosis.

About the Shoulder

The shoulder joint is very complex as it needs to provide a wide range of movement for the arm and yet be stable enough. This is established through a precise balance between the collarbone, the shoulder blade, the upper arm and all the surrounding muscles.

The only point where the shoulder girdle actually attaches to the axial skeleton is through the collarbone. The rest of the stability comes from the muscular attachments.

Thus, this complex mechanism can easily go out of balance, if trauma, muscle strain, repetitive injury or wear and tear occur to the shoulder, neck or back. Osteopaths, with their deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and their treatments skills, can help alleviate the symptoms and improve the shoulder function.

Causes of Shoulder Pain