Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal and Sport Injuries?

Musculoskeletal and sports injuries are common and vary from soft tissue damage (sprains, strains and bruising) to fracturing of bone. A sprain is a partial or complete rupture of a ligament, a strain is a partial tear of muscles and a bruise is a rupture of tissue leading to a haematoma. Any soft-tissue injury can lead to a tenderness, swelling, haematoma, scarring, fibrosis and loss of function. Many of the injuries are the result of overuse i.e. playing too hard and too often e.g. tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and biceps tendinitis, or from not warming up properly beforehand or from not warming down after exercise.

Exeter Sports Injuries Osteopathy

How can osteopathy and acupuncture help ?

We provide a combination of both osteopathy and acupuncture to provide effective and efficient treatment for a full and fast recovery for minor sports injuries (i.e. not fractures). With extensive knowledge of diagnostic and palpatory skills and orthopaedic testing, the exact tissue causing pain or dysfunction is identified. Structural imbalances, the role of human biomechanics, and/or traditional acupuncture theory may be used in order to provide the most effective treatment. Treatment can help improve performance as well as treating the injury.

Treatment focus is:

– to relieve pain- to control inflammation
– to improve joint mobility and reduce adhesions and soft tissue restrictions so that ease of movement is restored and performance enhanced
– to accelerate repair by improving blood flow and improving biomechanics
– to restore function and recovery of muscle power with basic exercises and advice