“For starters, a welcoming and cheerful experience at reception – helpful and clear. This has continued each time I have had occasion to ‘phone or attend an appointment. I’ve been seeing John (Osteopathy) for several weeks now. When I first went I had to use a stick to walk a short distance, had unremitting pain in hip and thigh muscles and a stiff aching back – yes I have some age-related osteoarthritus, but this was beyond a joke. I can honestly say that John’s treatment has made a huge difference – today when I stood up after being manipulated, my body felt free to move about in a way I thought I’d forgotten. Helpful, hope-giving – and worth every penny. Thank you!”

” I visited Estuary Clinic after it was recommended by a number of people. I had some on-going complaints – knee, shoulder, neck etc, which I should have had seen to, but I found myself going with an acute pain in my lower back and having to go.. I saw John and he carried out a very thorough assessment and history. I had a first treatment and since been back for another. I am confident that with maybe only one or two more visits he would have sorted the problem and leave me with a series of exercises to manage and avoid any reoccurring injuries. Already I am very grateful for his knowledge and gentle approach to my problem but do believe John may have not only sorted the acute pain I went in with but covered some ongoing problems, which I have lived with but only realised how bad they were, now they are nearly not there. I only wish I had been to see him sooner.”

“I am a recreational runner, and suffer the usual lower body aches and pains. Ruth’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism was outstanding in treating my hip, IT band and core muscle group issues. She began with an in-depth interview to determine background, history and specific areas of concern. Her examinations, relief treatment and suggested recovery exercises were spot on, and allowed me to return to form with an improved commitment. I also have new knowledge of how my body works and responds to the strains I put it through. Thank you Ruth!”

“Started coming to the Estuary Clinic early this year with constant migraines. They were very understanding and supportive throughout especially Lisa. My migraines are less persistent now with monthly treatments (I started with weekly treatments). I am so glad I found this clinic I can’t thank them enough.”