Tips for a pain free active summer

Summer is officially here and it is the perfect time to spend more time outside. People are much more active at this time of year, coming out of hibernation, taking on new activities, or sports that they have not taken part in for an entire year.

Injuries to tendons, shoulders, muscle tears, back pain and cramps are the most common summer sports injuries, because our bodies are not properly prepared for the new burst of frenetic activity.

Therefore, it’s important to ease yourself in gently to any activity and not over do it.  Any over use of one particular joint or muscle group can lead to injury. Tennis elbow, for instance, is caused by the overuse of the gripping muscles at the point where they are attached to the elbow.

It’s important to make sure you warm up properly so you can eliminate any muscle tears and joint injuries. Stretching the muscles and warming them up before and after exercising will prevent muscle aches and pains. Our physiotherapists can advise you on the right stretching exercises to perform.

Wearing the correct clothing for your summer activity is also important.  Incorrect footwear, for instance, can cause hip, knee and foot injuries.

It’s also really important to help strengthen your core. These muscles in the abdomen and lower back, when targeted, can prevent back, hip and knee pain.  Physiotherapists can advise you which exercises help help strengthen these core muscles.

And finally, when it’s hot don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun especially if you are out on the water or on the tennis court, drink plenty of water and wear a hat.

If you are looking to take up any new activity our physiotherapists and osteopaths would be happy to give you advice on injury prevention this summer. And if you have already been injured our team can help to alleviate the pain and get you back out there enjoying the summer again.

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